My name is Chuck Lembo.  I'm an architect, and while I successfully operate my own architectural firm, I have always been interested in photography.  My grandfather was heavily into photography, and used to carry his camera to work every day to take pictures of his construction sites, as he worked as a commercial welder.  He would take and develop his own pictures, and I am still in possession of many of his originals, documenting the construction of many bridges and tunnels throughout NY City.  When I was 13 years old he gave me my first and only camera lesson, explaining how to balance aperture and shutter speed to achieve exposure, using his fully manual 35mm Canon AE-1.

In college I became interested in black and white photography, having to take pictures of countless architectural models for portfolios and presentations.  From there, I began to explore black and white infrared photography, as I was fascinated with how the variations in lighting affected various elements, making the pictures look more dramatic and intense.  I used my 35mm Nikon N2000 and infrared film to explore and experiment on my own.   

After purchasing a new Lumix FZ1000 for use on a trip to Europe, I decided to re-purpose my 15 year old Nikon D70 DSLR and had it permanently modified to take Infrared photos above 590 nanometers.  This gave me the option to take full color, or black and white infrared, and to explore new and different post-processing techniques in order to achieve varied results.

I spend most of my time taking pictures of architecture or landscapes, and candid shots of my 7 year old daughter...when she'll let me!


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